Evidence-Based Justice
Dedicated to the promotion of evidence-informed criminal justice programs, practices, and policies.
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JusticePoint’s commitment to legal, evidence-based, and evidence-informed practices is firmly rooted in the belief that criminal justice outcomes can be improved using collaboration, engagement, and the scientific method.
Who We Are

JusticePoint, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to the promotion of legal, evidence-based, and evidence-informed criminal justice programming, practices, and policies. The impact of improved outcomes is not limited to criminal justice stakeholders, practitioners, defendants, and victims, but has a direct impact in the quality of life for all in the community. Reduction in key criminal justice outcomes such as recidivism has the cumulative effect of interrupting the cycle of criminal activity by eliminating criminal role modeling and the cycle of victimization.

Though JusticePoint provides services to individuals throughout the full spectrum of the criminal justice system, our origins and primary areas of expertise are Pretrial Screening, Pretrial Supervision, Diversion, and Problem-Solving Courts.  JusticePoint was founded by individuals with several decades of pretrial and diversion programming experience who saw an opportunity to continue to refine the evidence-based approach to service delivery that had been championed by local stakeholders. By persistently striving to recruit individuals who embody the evidence-based approaches to both service delivery and agency operations fundamental to the agency, JusticePoint’s founders have created the most talented pool of agency administrators and program directors in the field to develop and oversee the most effective, efficient, and impactful pretrial and diversion services in the country.  JusticePoint’s approach to program adoption, implementation, oversight, quality assurance, and program improvement ensures that services provided – to jurisdictions large and small – are continually evaluated and measured to ensure that outcomes are in line with what the research upon which they were developed would predict.


Meet Our Executive Team
Nick Sayner, MPA
Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer
Edward Gordon, JD
Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer
Julie Murdock, MSW, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer
Stacey Anick
Vice President, Business Relations
Joe Steinhaus
Vice President, Business Development
Stacey Loosen
Administrator, Electronic Monitoring
Niki Leicht
Administrator, JusticePoint
Patrick Roberts
Deputy Administrator, JusticePoint
Program Directors
Katie Ford, MSW
Milwaukee County Pretrial Program Director
Michael Gutjahr, BS
Rock County Program Director
Tiya Abdalla
Diversion Program Director
Michael Kahler, BA
Pretrial Program Director
Becky Barry
Sawyer County Program Director
Jamie Kiener
Regional Director
Angelica Munoz, BS, SAC-IT
Dodge County Program Director
Lane Miller, BA
Early Interventions Program Director
Sue Eckhart, MSW, LSW
Municipal Court Alternatives Program Director
Travis Coe
Supervised Release Program Director
Tonya King, BA
Racine County Alternatives Program Director