Diversion programs can increase public safety by not using incarceration and the negative consequences it causes. When used with appropriate persons and offenses, it increases the opportunity for rehabilitation.

JusticePoint utilizes the research behind Risk, Need, and Responsivity to craft diversion programs for communities that focus on appropriate system intervention and behavior-change techniques. By using these principles, local systems can triage available resources and target higher risk and higher need criminal justice-involved populations with them. JusticePoint can develop and manage diversion programs that serve low and moderate-risk clientele entering pre-arrest, pre-charge, and post-charge agreements. Our services include grant writing, consultation and program startup, case management, and program coordination. We also provide drug and alcohol testing as part of our full program package offerings. Diversion programs operating using evidence-based practices have shown to be effective at reducing recidivism in multiple-site diversion studies. Diversion programs are also an effective means of restitution collection which is a benefit to victims.