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Supervised Release
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The Supervised Release Program is part of Wisconsin’s sexually violent person law (Wis. Stat. ch. 980). Since 1994, the state has had the ability to ask a court to order a convicted sex offender into inpatient treatment managed by the Department of Health Services. This request comes as the client is completing their prison term and is on the verge of being released to the community. The client is committed if they have been convicted of certain crimes and have a mental disorder that makes them more likely than not to engage in acts of sexual violence.

Committed individuals become patients at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Mauston. The number of people housed at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center is a small fraction of the population of convicted sex offenders in the state.

People committed to treatment at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center have the opportunity to petition their committing court for release every 12 months. If the court determines an individual has reached a point in their treatment in which they are no longer more likely than not to reoffend, the court orders either community living on supervised release or discharge with no supervision from the Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center.

JusticePoint offers a gamut of services including activities of daily living, financial, cognitive-behavioral , trauma-informed care, as well as referral to community providers for client needs.

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