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JusticePoint’s Municipal Court Alternatives Program works with individuals who have been cited for City of Milwaukee ordinance violations and are at risk of incarceration due to indigence, mental health, and/or substance use issues.

Municipal Court Alternatives Program
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City of Milwaukee Municipal Court
951 N. James Lovell Street Room 204K
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Staff use a variety of tools to identify an individual’s ability to pay as well as their possible need for mental health or AODA treatment services.  After an assessment, alternatives such as a payment plan, community service, and/or treatment are presented to the judge for consideration to satisfy the fine.  Staff then work with clients to fulfill the terms of alternative granted by the judge and report upon compliance or failure to fulfill the requirements of the alternative at scheduled court dates.

Participation in the program is voluntary on the part of the individual.  Individuals who either do not opt to participate in this program and who do not pay the required fine for these non-traffic ordinance violations are issued warrants and, ultimately, serve jail time in lieu of payment – a costly outcome for both the individual and the taxpayers.

General Information

Will I be arrested if I come to the JusticePoint office or appear for court?

  • You will not be arrested for meeting with JusticePoint, for coming to court to speak to a Judge, or to get information about your case.

  • If you are stopped by law enforcement, you will be formally served and required to agree to a future court date to appear in front of a Judge on your case.  In some situations, law enforcement may have other reasons to detain and arrest you.

  • Non-payment of fines may result in incarceration at the Milwaukee County House of Correction or the Milwaukee County Criminal Justice Facility. Non-payment of most traffic fines will result in a driver’s license suspension.

Do I get a lawyer?

  • You are allowed a lawyer though defendants do not have the right to a publicly funded lawyer.

What happens if I plead guilty?

  • A sentence to pay monetary forfeitures to the City is the primary sentence imposed on a guilty defendant.

Milwaukee County Municipal Courts

You can contact JusticePoint to find out if you have a warrant and/or to check your warrant status. You can also schedule an appointment to discuss payment alternatives and resolve any outstanding warrants.

To check for open warrants, click here.

For more information, please contact:

Linda Hitz, Service Coordinator: 414.286.8733 or

Sue Eckhart, Program Director: 414.286.8732 or