Core Programming

We deliver the highest quality justice system practices, policies, and tools. Each of these programs are customized and installed to suit the interests, goals, and needs of local criminal justice systems.

Pretrial Screening
Assessments are compiled for judges, defense attorneys, and the prosecution to aid in making an informed release decision.
Group Facilitation
Cognitive Behavioral Programming that is designed to reduce recidivism, increase positive outcomes, and address behavior that drives addiction.
Day Reporting
Routine and random substance monitoring and case management is provided for court-ordered compliance.
Evidence-informed technical assistance and consulting services based on cutting-edge research in the pretrial, diversion, and problem-solving courts fields.
Peer Support
Peer Supports empower individuals in recovery through shared life experiences to help the peer gain independent mastery over their own recovery.
Problem-Solving Courts
Case Managers assist high-risk and high-need individuals to identify treatment and other needs and resources to achieve and maintain sobriety.
Post-Conviction Case Management
The Supervised Release program offers case management services to individuals released under Chapter 980. Eligibility is determined by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 
Electronic Monitoring
Full-service provider of solution-focused electronic monitoring equipment such as GPS, Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, and Remote Breath.
Diversion programs can increase public safety by not using incarceration and the negative consequences it causes. When used with appropriate persons and offenses, it increases the opportunity for rehabilitation.
Pretrial Case Management/Conditional Release
Pretrial Case Management/Conditional Release enables the release of individuals from custody pending pretrial hearings.
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Who We Are
The Difference Principle Network operates under one primary objective – to provide evidence-backed management and administrative services to nonprofit organizations.